The Ghana Immigration Service is said to have revoked the residency permit of spokesperson for the New Force, Shalimar Abbuissi, to stay in the country. The Immigration Service says she is due for repatriation later today.
Shalimar Abuissi who was first seen in the group’s campaign video, was being charged with allegedly obtaining a student residency permit by false declaration.

The state prosecutor earlier today dropped all charges against her. The court also directed that the National Investigations Bureau release Ms. Abuissi’s iPhone 13 Pro that was seized during her arrest since nothing incriminating was found upon thorough check.

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However, Ms. Abuissi was rearrested outside the court premises by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS). This led to an eruption of chaos between her legal representatives and the Immigration officers who had come to whisk her away.

According to the Immigration Service, her continuous stay in Ghana is illegal, therefore, she is to be deported later today. Ms. Abuissi’s parents were left shedding tears as their daughter was being transported away in the Immigration Service vehicle.

Ms. Abbiusi’s recent legal battles, per the New Forces’ December 7 press release, raises serious concerns about power abuse, persecution of perceived political opponents, and multiple human rights violations.

Source: visneconline

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